Welcome to The Oxford Continental School


Thank you, for showing interest in your child's education during his "wonder years" through Oxford. The School is proud of its humble beginning and conscious of the need to prepare students for a life of leadership, service and personal fulfillment. While recognizing the value of tradition it also seeks to look to the future and to instill in its pupils an independence of thought and action, respect for creativity and a readiness to respond to the demands of society in a rapidly changing world. Apart from the quest for excellence the school also tries to develop in its students an empathy for the less privileged section of our society and in the process turn out citizens who will genuinely care for the larger issues that confront them in later life..... Read More


The School was founded in the year 1995 by Mrs.Padmini Suresh, who has masters in English and Education and has done child psychology and who wanted to provide a sound education to young minds in a play way methodology, enriching their minds with a open heart and fun way of learning. The School aims at the 3H system hands, heart and head system. The first five years of childs life is focused on the hands and will of the child helping the child to be more of sensory being. After that it is the heart or feelings when the ethereal body is developing finally the focus is on the head when the child is ready for intellect. All this is introduced with loving authority in play & learn Methodology...... Read More


Though set timetable is followed the needs analysis is maintained. The teacher student ratio is maintained at the minimum - giving the teacher enough time for individual attention of the child. Teaching subject is not the only criterion. Emphasis is given on other activities like drawing, painting, singing, dancing, recital of slokas & physical activities. Computer studies is made compulsory and usage of the library is motivated. Camaraderie rooted in esteem and not fear, ensures that student develop a love for school & education. Through our multifaceted school approach, the thrust is on educating students for life. Value education is given utmost importance. The teacher values the child unconditionally. The childs trust the teacher and feels safe to express himself/herself. Apart from physical mental and emotional growth, psychic and spiritual growth is also emphasised...... Read More


The School has two terms, commencing from the first week of June and 2nd week of January


All applications for registrations should be accompanied by the copy of birth certificate issued by the Municipality and two passport size color photograph of the child. The School admission fees paid at the time of admission is not refundable. Fees paid once will not be refunded at any cost.

The School Philosophy regarding discipline is based on trust and supervision aiming at promoting self-discipline. Students are expected to strictly follow rules and reglations. Students are taken on field trips and picnics. Talent day is celebrated every year bringing out inner hidden potential in every child.

The School follows the best in State and Central syllabus, and has its own syllabus (in keeping with board standards) bringing in refreshing innovation at various stages. No leave is allowed during the academic terms, however special leave may be granted for unavoidable reasons with proper notification of the concerned staff.....Read More


The transfer Certificate will not be issused without fees being paid, which is the mark of gratitude towards the School and which shows the parents ingenuity. Full fees should be paid in case the child is taken away in between the terms. Whilst every effort is made to safeguard the child, while in school or in the bus, while at play or while travelling by the school bus, certain circumstances are beyond the control of the school authorities, In such case the school authority is not held responsible during such untoward incidences.....Read More

Our School


To contribute to the upliftment to Education in India, bringing out the best in every individual student thereby moulding their characters with values and conviction.


We work with motherly love and affection, fatherly discipline and a teacher's knowledge towards building the future citizens, who will one day be the leaders in their own rights, will stand for courtesy, truth and righteousness.